Information about The Makers' Web


The Makers' Web

The Makers' Web is a UK marketplace to buy and sell preloved art and craft supplies. Join our web of creative makers today and make more of what you love!

The Makers' Web Community Guidelines:

We are a community of like-minded creative people who care about art and crafts, want to inspire each other and are kind and respectful at all times.  

1. Be friendly, helpful and respectful to everyone using The Makers' Web. Arty/crafty folk are some of the most generous, loveliest people around and we want our site to reflect this.

2. List your items clearly and honestly. Only list something you think someone else would find useful and be sure to describe it accurately and send it in a clean, useable condition.

3. Stick to preloved UK art and craft supplies only. We are a UK-only site. We do not accept half-finished or completed handmade items and we do not accept businesses looking to sell large quantities of new or mass-produced items. 

4. Stay active. If you have listed items please check back regularly to see if you have any messages from potential buyers and make sure to accept orders ASAP to avoid delays for buyers. If you experience any delays (we're humans, not machines after all) then please let your buyer know. 

5. No off-site selling. The Makers' Web exists to help bring buyers and sellers of preloved art and craft supplies together. Please keep all transactions within the site. Anyone found to be taking transactions off the site may be banned.

6. Have fun and let us know if there's anything we can help with! That's what we're here for. Email us at and we'll respond as soon as soon we can.

Thank you!