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Thanks for visiting The Makers' Web, your exciting new secondhand marketplace for buying and selling preloved art and craft supplies. Welcome to our community!

Please read our community guidelines here.

What can I sell?
You can sell any secondhand art and craft supplies you think someone else might make good use of. 

This includes materials such as yarn, fabric, cardstock, paints and beads; as well as tools like crochet hooks, needles, sewing machines, paintbrushes and scissors. You can also sell art and craft books, patterns, kits and storage specifically for art and craft supplies.

Please ensure items are clean and in at least a good, useable condition with an accurate listing description.

We do not allow the sale of half-finished or completed handmade items, or digital files.

The Makers' Web is a peer-to-peer online marketplace which connects buyers and sellers of preloved art and craft supplies. We provide a platform to allow you to connect with fellow creatives but are not responsible for items that are bought or sold through the website.

If you are unsure or have any questions, please drop us a message on our 'Contact us' page or email

How much does it cost?

The Makers' Web is free to join and list items.

We automatically deduct a 10% fee from the final price of every sold listing (for sellers) and charge 10% on every purchase (for buyers). This is reinvested back into The Makers' Web to help us run our service and continue to develop new features for our creative community.

For sellers:

If you list an item for £10, when it sells you will receive this -10%, which is £9 (+ your shipping fee if required). Please note that the minimum fee is 20p so if you list an item for less than £2 the fee will be 20p.

For buyers:

When you buy an item a 10% site fee is added to the total. If you purchase a £10 item you will pay £11 (+ the shipping fee if required).

How do I list my items?
Click '+ Post a new listing' in the top right corner of the homepage. Select a category and a subcategory if you wish. You can choose to 'Donate' or 'Sell' your supplies. We know some of you may want to be generous and simply make some room in your cupboards, so you don't have to charge for your item. It is up to you whether you list it with a price or not.

How do I calculate shipping?
You can set your own shipping cost and add this to your listing. Take into account the size and weight of your item, as well as the price of any packaging such as envelopes, mailer bags or boxes.

You can find information about UK postage prices here to help you estimate a cost. If you buy postage online (you will need to print the label), Royal Mail can pick up the item from your home for 72p.

We recommend Parcel Force for courier quotes on larger or multiple items - they can pick up directly from your home and bring a label too.

P.s Sellers, please keep hold of your proof of postage until a buyer has told you they are happy with their delivery.

How does local pick up work?
When you list your item you can select whether you want to offer local pick up. Local pick up can be convenient for larger items that may be tricky to post, as well as being better for the environment. Shoppers will be able to see what area you live in but not your exact street or address. 

When someone buys an item and selects that they would like to pick it up locally you can then message them with a pick-up address and to arrange a convenient time. 

What should I include in my listing description?
Be as descriptive and clear as you can! Remember, you're chatting to another arty/crafty person so it's great to share inspiring tips or ideas for how to use your item. You can then select as many colours as are relevant and don't forget to include a brand, as this might make it easier for people to search for your item.

Be clear what condition your item is in and if you need to explain this in more detail, add this to the listing description. Eg, if you have a sketchbook which had 50 pages in but you have used and removed 10 then make sure to add this information to the description.

What makes a great listing image?
You can upload as many pictures as you like for your listing (we recommend a minimum of two). You can drag and drop the images into place when creating or editing your listing and can change the order too.

Try to take listing photographs in natural daylight and ensure they clearly showcase your item.

The ideal image ratio should be 3:2, for example, 660x440 pixel or 1500x1000 pixel. The file should be a jpg, png, or gif. 

If the uploaded image ratio is within 20% of the 3:2 ratio, for example, 680x440, it will be cropped to the target ratio (660x440) to avoid grey bars on the sides. If the image is not even close to the target ratio (e.g., more than 20% should be cropped), for example, 1200x440, no cropping will happen at all. The maximum listing image file size is 16 MB.

How should I price my items?
Try to consider the value of the item if it was brand new and take into account it's condition. Is the sketchbook missing a few pages? Have you used this set of paints a couple of times? Think what you might pay for the item secondhand, and bear in mind that the buyer will also have to pay your shipping fee too.

Is The Makers' Web UK-only?
Yes. We are currently set up for UK buyers and sellers only and use Pound Sterling.

How do I receive payments?
The Makers' Web uses Stripe to process all payments and ensure they are as safe and secure as possible.

Stripe is one of the leading secure online payment systems in the world. All payments should be received within 10 working days. If you have any queries about Stripe, please visit here, drop us a message on our 'Contact us' page or email

How do I buy items?
Once you have found an item you wish to purchase, simply hit buy. You will then be asked to enter some payment information into Stripe to make an account or purchase as a 'Guest'. Your money will be held by The Makers' Web until the item has been happily received.

The seller will then receive an email and notification telling them you have bought their item. The seller has three days to accept your purchase to complete the sale. If you do not hear back from the seller you can send them a message directly. 

Once the item has been posted and received you will need to confirm your happy with it. Then the payment will be released by us to the seller. 

Please don't forget to leave reviews and comments for sellers!

How do I buy multiple items?
Currently the site does not have a shopping basket feature so it's not possible to purchase multiple items in this way. This is a feature which is top of our wish list for our next site though!

In order to buy multiple items from a seller without paying shipping costs on each item there are two options you can try.
1) Message the seller through the site and ask if they could list the multiple items you would like as a bundle with a reduced shipping cost. Eg, rather than buying five separate items, could these be combined with a lower shipping cost please? 
This is entirely up to the seller and if a new bundle listing is added to the site another buyer could purchase it before you see it.

2) Alternatively, message the seller through the site and explain that you would like to buy multiple of their items and wondered if you could reduce the shipping costs by selecting 'local pick up' on some items rather than paying shipping on each one. 
E.g If you would like to purchase three items, you could ask if it would be OK to select 'local pick up' on the third item but the three items would be shipped to you together in a bundle. This is entirely up to the seller to agree to any arrangement and you would need to purchase each item separately.

What if the item does not arrive or I'm unhappy with it?
If the item doesn't arrive, please reach out to the seller. If you don't receive a message within a few days please contact us and we will do our best to contact the seller and help resolve the issue.

If the item you received is wrong, damaged or not as described, please contact the seller. We can then track the issue. If you don't receive a message within a few days or the issue is unresolved, please contact us and we will do our best to contact the seller and help you to resolve the issue.

Sellers, please keep hold of your proof of postage until a buyer has told you they are happy with their delivery.

The Makers' Web is a peer-to-peer online marketplace which connects buyers and sellers of preloved art and craft supplies. We provide a platform to allow you to connect with fellow creatives but are not responsible for items that are bought or sold through the website.

How do I make a profile?
In the top right corner of the homepage you will see a face icon. If you click on here you will find your Inbox, My Listings, Profile and Settings. On Profile you can add a headshot of yourself or an arty/crafty image of your choice. You can also add a little bit about yourself if you would like - maybe what your favourite art or craft is? 

You can follow other members so you may find it handy to share a bit about yourself to encourage other people to follow you and see your next listings.

Can I communicate with other buyers/sellers?
Underneath each listing you can add public-facing questions about the item listed. This may be to find out more information, eg, how old is this paint? What size embroidery needle would you use with this thread? You can answer publicly or via private message.

In the top right corner of the homepage you will see a face icon. If you click on here you will find your Inbox. You can also view and take part in conversations from here.

If you have any complaints about any offensive or inappropriate communications please drop us a message on our 'Contact us' page or email The Makers' Web is a respectful, helpful and creative community of makers and we expect all members to uphold these values when using our platform. Anyone found to be be breaking our community guidelines and/or not upholding these values will be suspended from using the site.

What is the 'side hustle tax' and how might this affect me?

In 2024 tax reporting laws have been implemented that may impact people selling their preloved items online. The so-called ‘side-hustle tax’ isn’t anything to worry about, especially if you are selling unwanted items without making a profit.

You can find out more information here, or on the HMRC website. Alternatively, please drop us a message if you have any questions.